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Yoni eggs : Certified stones

Yoni eggs from Yonifeel

All you need to know about Yoni eggs

Our eggs are pierced to allow all women to start this practice safely, if you prefer not to use it, it can be easily removed. Remember to clean your eggs thoroughly with soap and water after each use, and if you wish, you can replace the cord with unwaxed dental floss.

What is the yoni egg?

The yoni egg comes from Taoism (one of the 3 pillars of Chinese philosophy), it was used by high ranking women and courtesans to sexually satisfy men. The yoni in Sanskrit refers to the female genitalia and all the sacredness that surrounds it. The yoni egg therefore symbolises fertility and life.

Nowadays, the yoni egg is placed in the vagina and used to strengthen the perineum or to prepare for childbirth. Of course it keeps its quality of increasing vitality and sexual energy. The egg allows the woman who uses it to connect fully with her yoni.

Why use a Yoni egg?

The Yoni egg has several actions:

  • Promote the tonicity of the perineum (the egg is held and maintained by the pelvic floor muscles which become stronger and stronger)
  • Increase sexual pleasure (the pelvic floor muscles contract during orgasm, so the stronger the contraction, the stronger the intensity of the orgasm, so perineal tone and orgasm are linked)
  • Reconnecting to your yoni (physically and spiritually: inserting, holding and expelling the egg increases the blood flow in the vagina. Also, paying attention to this part of the body is often a new thing for women).
  • All the benefits linked to lithotherapy (each stone has specific properties, it is very important to feel and choose your stone according to your feelings and your desire).

How to choose your Yoni egg?

First of all you have to choose the size of your egg, there are often 3 different sizes. You should know that the M size egg is close to the size of a hen’s egg. If you are a beginner in the practice I advise you to choose a medium or large size egg.

Here are some guidelines to help you:
  • Size S (25x35mm): a small egg is recommended for young women (who have not had children) The perineum must be strong enough to hold a small egg.
  • Size M (30x43mm): if you have no children and are under 40 years old, the medium-sized egg will be ideal to start with.
  • Size L (35x50mm): this is the most standard size for women who have had children. This is the ideal size to start with and as you practice you can switch to a medium size egg.
A quick test to assess the tone of your perineum:

The more toned your perineum is, the smaller the size of the egg will be. If you don’t yet know how to assess your perineal tone you can do this simple exercise. Insert a finger into your vagina and contract as much as possible. If your finger feels the contraction well, your perineum is toned.

How to use your Yoni egg?

I recommend using the yoni egg for 10 minutes on the first day and increasing by 3 minutes with each use (up to 30 minutes). Some women keep the egg inside her until the body chooses to expel it naturally.

You can choose to lie down (and even keep it overnight, but this should not be for the long term as the night is a resting phase for all the muscles in your body).

You can also continue your daily routine. (This will result in a better toning of your perineum).

There are also many pelvic floor exercises: Kegel exercises.

Example of an exercise:

Once the egg is inserted, stand up slowly.

  1. For 10 seconds: contract your muscles around the egg (as if you were holding your urine)
  2. Release for 10 seconds
  3. Repeat this exercise 10 times