Perineal probe

Benefits :

  • Strengthen your perineum at home
  • Effective from 3 weeks
  • Easy and free application (iPhone and Android)


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The connected probe allows you to work the muscles of the perineum at home in complete autonomy. It is adaptable to all morphologies and is suitable for all perineal tone. By re-educating your perineum you can :

  • Prevent or reduce bladder weakness
  • Improve the tone of your perineum
  • Accelerate post partum rehabilitation
  • Increase your intimate pleasure thanks to a tighter muscle
  • Reduce the symptoms of prolapse

Why reeducate the perineum?

The main function of the perineum is to keep the internal organs in their place. It also to stabilise the pelvis.

After giving birth, the perineum must absolutely be reworked, with the pressure of the baby throughout the pregnancy and the stretching of the perineum during childbirth. As with all muscles, it is by working it that it returns to its initial position and regains its tonicity.

The medical profession is well aware of this phenomenon and that is why re-education sessions are proposed after each delivery. This can be done manually or by manual work or by electrostimulation.

Unfortunately, sometimes these sessions are not enough and a few years later, you discover that you have urine leakage during certain movements or that you have a descent of the organs. It is at this point that the choice of home rehabilitation is more appropriate.

On a more intimate level, reeducating the perineum allows you to regain more sensation during intimate relations.

Why choose a connected probe?

The application proposed with our probe allows you to work at your own pace and in a fun way.

You can choose between personalized work sessions according to your level or games in which you work your perineum to win points and medals.

Thanks to this application you stay motivated and you keep track of your progress with statistical tables and a visibility of your progress.

What are the benefits of a connected probe?

The benefits of this probe are multiple, the use of an electrostimulation probe to remodel the perineum to reduce or eliminate urine leakage and incontinence. It is essential after childbirth to prevent prolapse.

The catheter allows you to keep control of your perineum rehabilitation at different of her life (after childbirth, after intensive months of sport, at the approach of the menopause).

In terms of perineal rehabilitation, the connected perineal probe is a medical device that device that allows the perineum to be toned and strengthened.

Additional information


23 x 23 x 85 (175) mm

How to use

When to use the connected probe?

  • The perineal probe can be used in the following situations
  • In case of bladder weakness and incontinence
  • During the menopause
  • Postpartum: It is recommended to wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth and to have the agreement of your doctor.
  • To increase sexual pleasure
  • When practising intensive sports that work the perineal muscles.

Who can use a probe?

The perineal probe is available for all women and all morphologies without weight or age weight or age constraints.

All women who have problems related to a slackening of the pelvic floor or who wish to prevent them can use it.

How to use the probe?

It is advisable to use an intimate lubricant to insert and position the probe with greater ease. A conductive intimate lubricant gel is recommended for best use.

Caution: It is not recommended to use a silicone-based lubricant gel, which does not offer sufficient conductivity and may damage the materials of the probe.

How to download the application?

The application can be downloaded on the application download platforms :

  • Android :
  • Apple :

How do I clean the probe?

The probe is completely waterproof, so you can clean it with clear water and soap before and after each use. Rinse the probe well before drying it with a clean cloth.


  • Pregnancy
  • In post-partum, a delay of 6 weeks is recommended
  • In all cases, medical advice is always recommended for the best use of the product.
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