Yoni steam kit for painful periods

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The Painful Periods Kit is intended for women suffering from endometriosis or dysmenorrhoea.

The kit contains : 1 yoni steam + 1 herbal sachet “Cleansing blend” + 1 herbal sachet “Painful periods blend”

  • Your pain decreases from the 2nd month of use.
  • Herbal blends for painful periods selected by our naturopaths.
  • Herbs certified organic or of controlled origin.
  • Non-invasive treatment for painful periods and painless natural care.
  • Satisfied or refunded.


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The kit offers you 1 sachet of herbs to clean your uterus and a second sachet to relieve your painful periods. The seat for vaginal sauna is adaptable on all the toilets and allows you to carry out a care in all intimacy. The vaginal sauna is a natural treatment and very simple to perform.

In our ebook you can find all the routines adapted to your needs.


  • The vaginal sauna is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • During menstruation, the arteries dilate. To avoid the risk of bleeding, it is therefore forbidden to use a vaginal sauna during this period.
  • Not recommended during the ovulation period.
  • Not permitted in case of urinary or vaginal infection.
  • Not permitted if you are wearing an IUD (copper or hormonal).
  • In case of open wounds (e.g. caesarean section or episiotomy), vaginal sauna is forbidden.
  • If you have a piercing, it must be removed before the treatment.

The yoni steam is a natural treatment. It is important to consult a doctor or health care professional if you have any questions or concerns about genital health or any other aspect of your health.

2 reviews for Yoni steam kit for painful periods

  1. Rose

    Le kit est parfait! Les sachets sont jolis et le siège est facile à installer et à utiliser. Je l’utilise depuis 1 mois et je suis la routine de l’ebook.

  2. Johanna

    Je souffre de règles douloureuses à cause d’endométriose dans les trompes. Comme nous essayons d’avoir un enfant avec mon mari j’ai du arrêter ma contraception et les douleurs sont revenues. J’ai commencé les soins il y a 3 mois et ça va déjà mieux.

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Yoni steam kit for painful periods