Tiger’s eye yoni egg

Benefits : it is the stone of protection. It keeps away negative energies.

  • 1 tiger’s eye yoni egg (pierced)
  • A storage pouch
  • The cord
  • An explanatory leaflet to start the practice


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It is the stone of protection. It keeps away negative energies.

The tiger’s eye keeps negative thoughts away thanks to its energy shield. It offers assurance, strength and courage. It brings stability to our nervous system by balancing our energies. Tiger’s eye also has a beneficial effect on our digestive system.

  • Origin : India (Certificate of authenticity of the stones)
  • Untreated natural stone
  • Worldwide shipping from France
  • Untreated cord
  • Product approved by our testers

What are the benefits of tiger’s eye?

As a semi-precious stone, tiger’s eye yoni egg is often used in lithotherapy for its protective and balancing properties. It is used to boost self-confidence and self-esteem, to promote mental clarity and focus, to strengthen willpower and determination, to help overcome fear and nervousness, to strengthen immune systems and to promote good blood circulation.

It is also considered a protective stone against negative energies. It is often used to ward off evil spells and energies and to attract luck and prosperity.

What are the virtues of the tiger’s eye stone?

There are many uses for the tiger’s eye stone in lithotherapy, here are some examples:

  • Wear a tiger’s eye stone on you or place it in your work environment to boost self-confidence, self-esteem and to attract luck and prosperity.
  • Use it as a meditation stone to enhance mental clarity and focus.
  • Place a tiger’s eye stone on a painful area to relieve physical pain.
  • Wear a tiger’s eye stone to strengthen the immune and respiratory systems.
  • Use it to overcome fear and nervousness.
  • Place a tiger’s eye stone in the room where you spend a lot of time to create a protective atmosphere.
  • Use it as a protective stone against negative energies, to drive away bad spells and energies.
  • Use it to promote good blood circulation.

These benefits are not scientifically proven and are based on spiritual and energetic beliefs and practices.

How does the tiger’s eye yoni egg improve a woman’s sex life?

The tiger’s eye yoni egg is used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and increase sensitivity, sexual energy and the quality of orgasm. It can also increase libido, self-confidence and emotional fulfillment.

Why choose a pierced tiger’s eye yoni egg?

Pierced yoni eggs made of tiger’s eye are a convenient and hygienic option for pelvic floor muscle exercises, and the cord can be used to increase the intensity of the workout.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Large : 35mm x 50mm, Medium : 30mm x 43mm, Small : 25mm x 35mm




Tiger's eye

How to use

It is important to give the body time to get used to wearing an egg. You can use the yoni egg for 10 minutes on the first day and increase by 3 minutes with each use (up to 30 minutes).

Women who are used to the yoni egg may choose to keep the egg on until the body chooses to expel it naturally.

You can choose to lie still (and even keep it overnight, but this should not be for the long term as the night is a resting phase for all the muscles in your body).

You can also carry on with your daily chores without worrying about your egg (which will result in a better toning of your perineum).

How to choose the size of your tiger’s eye yoni egg?

Picking the right sized tiger’s eye yoni egg is essential. It should be based on various factors – your objectives, current experience level, health and comfort. As a general rule of thumb, smaller eggs are recommended for women with strong and toned perineum muscles. If you’re just beginning, a medium or large egg could be more suitable.

How to clean the tiger’s eye yoni egg ?

It’s essential to keep your tiger’s eye yoni egg in good condition by cleaning it before and after each use with warm water and soap. Don’t forget to clean the cord as well and make sure to change it regularly so that you minimize the risk of infection. Once cleaned, make sure you store it in a clean and dry area.

How to insert the tiger’s eye yoni egg?

It is important to clean the tiger’s eye yoni egg before use, to choose a comfortable position, to use lubrication if necessary. Lie down, legs bent and gently insert the egg into the vagina. It is held in place with the pelvic floor muscles.

What are the tips for starting the tiger’s eye yoni egg practice?

  1. Choose a quality egg
  2. Learn the basic kegel techniques
  3. Start with a LARGE size (or medium size)
  4. Clean the egg carefully
  5. Listen to your body and be patient to get the best results

What are the benefits of Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are incredibly beneficial for various aspects of your health. Not only do they help with urinary continence and even improve your sexuality, but they can also prevent organs from descending as well as relieve lower back pain.

How to recharge the energies of your tiger’s eye egg?

Tiger’s eye eggs can be purified and recharged in a number of ways. One of the most well-known methods is to place it near a window where it can absorb the sun or moonlight for several hours. This helps purify and revitalize the stone’s energies, allowing you to tap into its benefits once more.


There are contraindications for the use of your yoni eggs such as :

  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation period
  • Gynecological health problems (vaginal or urinary infections)
  • Pain or discomfort felt
  • Childbirth less than 30 days old

The use of yoni egg in lithotherapy should not be used to replace medical treatment.

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