Tiger’s eye yoni egg

Tiger’s eye yoni egg

Benefits : it is the stone of protection. It keeps away negative energies.

  • 1 tiger’s eye yoni egg (pierced)
  • A storage pouch
  • The cord
  • An explanatory leaflet to start the practice




It is the stone of protection. It keeps away negative energies.

The tiger’s eye keeps negative thoughts away thanks to its energy shield. It offers assurance, strength and courage. It brings stability to our nervous system by balancing our energies. Tiger’s eye also has a beneficial effect on our digestive system.

  • Origin : India (Certificate of authenticity of the stones)
  • Untreated natural stone
  • Shipped from France
  • Untreated cord
  • Product approved by our testers

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Large : 35mm x 50mm, Medium : 30mm x 43mm, Small : 25mm x 35mm




Tiger's eye

How to use your Yoni egg?

It is important to give the body time to get used to wearing an egg. You can use the yoni egg for 10 minutes on the first day and increase by 3 minutes with each use (up to 30 minutes).

Women who are used to the yoni egg may choose to keep the egg on until the body chooses to expel it naturally.
You can choose to lie still (and even keep it overnight, but this should not be for the long term as the night is a resting phase for all the muscles in your body).

You can also carry on with your daily chores without worrying about your egg (which will result in a better toning of your perineum).

There are also many pelvic floor exercises: Kegel exercises.

Example of an exercise:

Once the egg is inserted, stand up slowly.

  • For 10 seconds: contract your muscles around the egg (as if you were holding your urine)
  • Release for 10 seconds
  • Repeat this exercise 10 times


  • Urinary or vaginal infection
  • Period of menstruation
  • Childbirth less than 30 days old

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  1. Laure

    J’ai hésité entre 2 pierres et 2 tailles, j’ai donc choisi un œuf en œil de tigre en taille L et un œuf de quartz rose en taille M.

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