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Pink quartz yoni egg

Benefits: This stone reinforces self-confidence and serenity.

  • 1 rose quartz yoni egg (pierced)
  • A storage pouch
  • The cord
  • An explanatory leaflet to start the practice


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This stone reinforces self-confidence and serenity.

Rose quartz is a soft stone that contributes to inner calm, calms doubts, and brings a lot of peace.

Rose quartz is also known as the stone of love. It helps to feel more woman by bringing serenity and tenderness. It heals the wounds that the heart and mind have experienced.

  • Origin : India (Certificate of authenticity of the stones)
  • Untreated natural stone
  • Worldwide shipping from France
  • Untreated cord
  • Product approved by our testers

What are the benefits of rose quartz?

Rose quartz is a natural stone considered to have unique therapeutic and energetic properties. The potential benefits of rose quartz are as follows:

  1. Soothing effect: Rose quartz is considered a calming stone that can help calm emotions and reduce stress.
    Relationship enhancement: It is believed that rose quartz can help strengthen relationships and attract love.
  2. Strengthens the immune system: It is believed to have qualities to improve physical health by strengthening the immune system.
  3. Promotes regeneration: It helps to regenerate tissue and therefore aids in the healing of wounds.
  4. Promotes emotional healing: It is believed to help heal emotional trauma and release repressed emotions.
  5. Promotes meditation: It promotes meditation by bringing a sense of peace and tranquility.

These benefits are not scientifically proven and are based on spiritual and energetic beliefs and practices.

What are the virtues of rose quartz in lithotherapy?

In lithotherapy, rose quartz is considered to have soothing and comforting properties. It is often used to strengthen love and relationships, as well as to promote emotional balance and confidence. It is also used to help overcome emotional trauma and grief.

It is considered a powerful emotional and spiritual regenerator, which can help purify and release emotions. It can purify and recharge the heart chakras. It is also used to stimulate unconditional love and compassion in oneself and others.

How does the pink quartz yoni egg improve a woman’s sex life?

The pink quartz yoni egg is utilized to enhance the muscles of the pelvic floor, boost sensitivity, and improve sexual energy and the intensity of orgasm. Additionally, it can enhance libido, self-assurance, and emotional satisfaction.

Why choose a pierced pink quartz yoni egg?

Pierced quartz yoni eggs are easier to use, hygienic, convenient and can provide additional stimulation for the pelvic floor muscles. There are also exercises using the cord to intensify the work.

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

Large : 35mm x 50mm, Medium : 30mm x 43mm, Small : 25mm x 35mm




Pink quartz

How to use

I recommend using the quartz rose yoni egg for 10 minutes on the first day and increasing by 3 minutes with each use (up to 30 minutes).

Some women keep the egg inside her until the body chooses to expel it naturally. You can choose to lie down (and even keep it overnight, but this should not be for the long term as the night is a resting phase for all the muscles in your body).

You can also continue your daily routine. (This will result in a better toning of your perineum).

How to choose the size of your rose quartz yoni egg?

It is important to consider your objectives, your experience, your health and your comfort to choose the size of your rose quartz yoni egg. As a general rule, the small egg is for women with a toned and strong perineum. If you are just starting out you should choose a medium or large egg.

How to clean the pink quartz Yoni egg ?

It is important to clean your pink quartz yoni egg before and after each use by using warm water and soap. Do not forget to clean the cord and remember to change it regularly to limit the risk of infection. It should be stored in a clean and dry place after cleaning.

How to insert the rose quartz yoni egg?

Preparing your rose quartz yoni egg for use is essential. While lying down, with legs bent, carefully insert the egg into the vaginal passage, and make sure you’re comfortable. If needed, lubrication can help with insertion. Finally – hold it in place using your pelvic floor muscles.

What are the tips for starting the rose quartz yoni egg practice?

  1. Choose a quality egg
  2. Learn the basic kegel techniques
  3. Start with a LARGE size (or medium size)
  4. Clean the egg carefully
  5. Listen to your body and be patient to get the best results

What are the benefits of Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises improve urinary continence, sexuality, prevent organ descent, relieve lower back pain and aid recovery after childbirth. Kegel exercises consist in contracting and releasing your muscles.

How to recharge the energies of your rose quartz egg?

There are several methods to purify and recharge a rose quartz egg. The most common is the exposure to the sun or moon.  It consists in lacing the rose quartz egg on a window exposed to the sun or moon for a few hours will purify and recharge the stone’s energies.


There are contraindications for the use of your yoni eggs such as :

  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation period
  • Gynecological health problems (vaginal or urinary infections)
  • Pain or discomfort felt
  • Childbirth less than 30 days old

The use of yoni egg in lithotherapy should not be used to replace medical treatment.

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