Yoni steam kit for fertility

Yoni steam kit for fertility

The fertility kit is intended for women who want to become pregnant.

The kit contains : 1 yoni steam + 1 bag of herbs “cleansing blend” + 1 bag of herbs “fertility blend”

  • Increase your chances of procreation from the 2nd month of use.
  • Herbal blends for fertility selected by our naturopaths.
  • Herbs certified organic or of controlled origin.
  • Non-invasive treatment for fertility and painless natural care.
  • Satisfied or refunded.


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The kit offers you 1 sachet of herbs to clean your uterus and a second sachet to create a hospitable environment to promote fertilisation. The vaginal sauna seat can be fitted to any toilet and allows you to perform a treatment in privacy. The vaginal sauna is a natural treatment and very simple to perform.

In our ebook you can find all the routines adapted to your needs.

Frequently asked questions :

How often should you yoni steam for fibroids ?

Yoni Steam Kits are used by women who want to increase their chances of conceiving naturally. It is recommended that you use the Yoni Steam Kit once every two weeks. This helps to stimulate blood flow to the uterus and ovaries which increases the chances of conception.

How does yoni steam help with fertility ?

Yoni Steam is a natural way to increase your chances of conceiving. It helps relax muscles and stimulate blood flow which increases circulation and oxygenation of the uterus. This allows sperm to travel through the cervix and into the uterus where they can fertilize an egg.

Can you yoni steam if your pregnant ?

Even if it is probably safe to use during pregnancy, we do not recommend to use a yoni steamer during pregnancy.

What is the best yoni steam for fertility ?

Yoni Steam Kits are great tools for women who want to increase their chances of conceiving.Our kits contain all the necessary ingredients needed to create a relaxing environment for conception.


  • The vaginal sauna is not recommended for pregnant women.
  • During menstruation, the arteries dilate. To avoid the risk of bleeding, it is therefore forbidden to use a vaginal sauna during this period.
  • Not recommended during the ovulation period.
  • Not permitted in case of urinary or vaginal infection.
  • Not permitted if you are wearing an IUD (copper or hormonal).
  • In case of open wounds (e.g. caesarean section or episiotomy), vaginal sauna is forbidden.
  • If you have a piercing, it must be removed before the treatment.

2 reviews for Yoni steam kit for fertility

  1. Mélodie

    Top! J’ai tout essayé avant ça et une amie m’a parlé du sauna vaginal, j’espère tellement que ça va marcher. en tout cas le produit est comme sur la photo et les herbes sentent hyper bon!

  2. Sonia

    Kit reçu hier, j’ai aussi commandé l’ebook pour être certaine de tout faire correctement.

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