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Yoni steam : benefits, precaution and use

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Popularised by the famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, the vagina steam or yoni steam is a new treatment that is gaining more and more ground in the spa world and on the internet.

The aim of this treatment is to clean and purify a woman’s intimate parts in depth, but also to soothe painful periods and promote fertility. Although no scientific study to date has confirmed the truth of these allegations, numerous testimonies from women show the benefits of the vaginal steam.

In this article, we tell you all about this new wellness trend.

What is it?

First of all, it should be noted that the yoni steam has several names depending on the cultural area in which it is practised. Thus, to designate this treatment, we may speak of Yoni Steam, Vulvar Sauna, Vaginal or Feminine Steam, Vaginal Spa, Hydrology in naturopathy, Women’s Sauna, V-steam, Perineal Sauna, Los Bajos (among the Latin peoples of South America) or Chai-Yok in the two Koreas, etc.

Hydrology or yoni steam is a treatment technique that involves kneeling or sitting (at a safe distance) over a steam bath.

The purpose of yoni steaming is to send steam to the perineal area. The steam absorbed helps the body to relax, the pelvic floor to relax and the blood to flow. By promoting the dilation of the blood vessels, this practice helps to improve the blood circulation in the genital area. This optimisation of blood circulation promotes a better distribution of oxygen in the body and therefore more vitality in daily life.

When you prepare your yoni steam bath, you can add elixirs, plants, roots and flowers carefully chosen by you and according to your needs. In addition to the steam they release, these medicinal plants have active ingredients that act effectively throughout your body and particularly in the pelvis.

The benefits of yoni steam

The benefits of the yoni steam for reproductive health and your daily well-being are numerous. This non-medicated treatment works effectively in the body to relieve menstrual pain in women and other disorders such as endometriosis that can affect the vagina and uterus. Among other benefits, women’s saunas can:

  • balance hormones
  • regenerate the uterus
  • relieve menstrual cramps
  • boost fertility
  • relaxes the vaginal canal
  • nourish and tone the perineal area
  • prevent vaginal infections
  • bring more regularity to menstrual cycles
  • reduce or limit certain vaginal disorders
  • rebalance the pH
  • relieve the effects of endometriosis
  • Moment of relaxation: Relaxation, deeper sleep, peace of mind, body comfort, feeling of deeper connection with your vagina and yourself
  • Release of water retention, less bloating
  • Toned and lifted vaginal canal for women with prolapse
  • Treatment and prevention of ingrown hairs
  • Shrinkage or elimination of cysts, fibroids
  • Relief of endometriosis and PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome).
  • Reduction of PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms, hormonal and emotional balance, more manageable periods
  • Regulation of the menstrual cycle – shortening of long cycles, lengthening of short cycles, return of missed periods

The yoni steam is a practice that also allows for physical reconciliation with oneself, especially for those who have a conflicting relationship with their body due to certain traumas related to their uterus, pathologies or pain. It is a treatment that ultimately promotes internal healing and helps the woman to reconnect with the element of femininity that makes her unique.

The yoni steam from a scientific point of view

The yoni steam is a natural herbal treatment to be done at home, ideal for revealing and preserving your femininity. The steam absorbed by your vagina will help your body to relax and improve your blood circulation, making you feel rested and more comfortable in your intimacy. The steam enters the body through the vagina, which is a very permeable and absorbent part of the body, allowing the heat to increase blood flow to the yoni by dilating the blood vessels. The heat passes through all the tissues to act on the uterus, the tubes, the ovaries and the entire reproductive system.

The yoni steam from an energetic point of view

The blood flow caused by the heat and the dilation of the blood vessels will improve the blood circulation and the elimination of toxins. The trauma present in the body (consciously or unconsciously) can then be released.

Trauma can be related to your past sexual life, such as previous relationships, non-consensual relationships, traumatic gynaecological examinations…

You may also still have trauma from unwanted or unsuccessful pregnancies. The vagina steam will allow you to erase all these traumas in a natural and non-invasive way.

Thus your conscious or unconscious traumas will disappear and the energy of your uterus will be renewed!

Precautions and contraindications

Yoni steam bathing is a practice that can be dangerous if you use boiling water. Make sure you always control the temperature of your preparation so that it is not dangerous, to avoid burning your genitalia. You must also respect the time of this treatment and never exceed 40 minutes.

As far as contraindications are concerned, they are mainly intended to alert you to situations in which vagina steam use is strictly inadvisable. You can ask your doctor for advice before you start. There are many cases where this treatment is prohibited:

  • during pregnancy (from the first day until the sixth week after giving birth)
  • if you have active herpes
  • in case of heavy and/or red bleeding (the steam could trigger a haemorrhage and boost the blood circulation to an abnormal level)
  • in case of a vaginal or urinary infection, at the first sign of it
  • after an operation, ablation, abortion, caesarean section, childbirth…
  • in case of venous problems
  • if you have hot flushes: in this case, it is better to follow a protocol specially designed by modern medicine
  • if you have a short cycle, with two bleeds
  • if you have an IUD
  • during the ovulation period, especially for those who want to get pregnant
  • open wound

How to use it?

By impregnating her intimacy with these fragrant vapours, the vagina is purified and benefits from many advantages. Some yoni steam practitioners promise relief from menstrual pain and a boost to fertility.

To do a vaginal treatment, you must, as mentioned above, sit naked over a large bowl of steaming hot water (not too hot) into which you have previously introduced certain aromatic plants. Soaking your intimacy with this infusion will purify the vaginal area, in addition to the many other benefits you will experience.

If you have opted for a stool, you will need to wear a cape or long skirt to ensure that the steam reaches your genital area.

Choosing which plants to use for a yoni steam

These may vary from patient to patient depending on their needs. Overall, this treatment mobilises several plants, with the aim of optimising the properties they offer. Very often, we will find in the composition :

  • lavender for its antiseptic properties
  • basil for fluidity
  • chaste tree fruit known to regulate hormones
  • nettle leaf to strengthen the uterine walls
  • sage helps fight the symptoms of menopause
  • red clover to fight the symptoms of menopause
  • the raspberry leaf that helps to regularize the menstrual cycle
  • cinnamon for its antispasmodic properties
  • chamomile for its soothing properties

Preparing your yoni steam

  1. Boil 1 litre of water in a pan.
  2. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of herbal preparation for yoni steam.
  3. Cover and heat for 10 minutes.
  4. Cut the heat and let cool for 5 minutes (to avoid the risk of burning), keep the lid closed.
  5. Set up your yoni steam seat on the toilet.
  6. Pour the contents of the pan into the seat. WARNING, check the temperature by passing your hand over the seat.
  7. Sit down for a 15 minute session.
  8. Empty and rinse the seat.

It is important to keep your skin covered during the heating period and until you are ready to use the seat. This is because the heat destroys the plant cells which will release essential oils from the plants.

Unlike oil and water, which cannot mix, oil and gas are miscible and water vapour can therefore eliminate the benefits of the plants by evaporating. It is therefore very important to keep the lid on! At the end of your sauna you can choose to empty the contents into your plants to give the mixture back to the earth. You can also empty the mixture into the toilet if you do not have a garden.

The 2 main spheres in the practice of yoni steam

There are 2 main spheres in the practice of yoni steam, 2 distinct but closely related spheres: the energetic and emotional sphere and the physical sphere:

The energetic and emotional sphere:

The yoni steam accompanies important life passages in women’s lives, such as the need to clear the imprint of certain people, experiences or traumas. It allows the release of non-conscious blockages.

It releases memories stored in the uterus.

It also allows you to reconnect to your yoni, and therefore to your sacred feminine energy, to your entire body. It is a real moment for yourself! an intimate moment to practice at home.

The physical sphere:

The yoni steam acts on the physical level in a very simple way. The steam first penetrates the mucous membranes and tissues of the vagina (the vagina being extremely permeable, the benefits are immediately captured by our body), the action of inhalation by the vapours favours the local blood circulation and allows to purify and reach the whole genital apparatus of the woman, all the cells of our yoni are reached!

The selection of plants is then essential to obtain the best results.

Nevertheless, there are 2 important factors that should not be forgotten in order not to fall into a dangerous use of the vagina steam:

  1. ALWAYS check the temperature of your preparation with the palm of your hand !!!! You could indeed burn yourself if you sit on a sauna that is too hot! it’s like drinking hot tea you get burnt!
  2. ALWAYS be aware of the contraindications of the yoni steam.

Various questions

How often should I use my yoni steam?

Yon steaming can be practised on a one-off basis (when you feel the need to purify your yoni at an important moment in your life: childbirth, miscarriage, urinary tract infections, etc. But it can also be used as a “cure” to help the body regulate itself in the face of certain difficulties linked to the menstrual cycle, painful periods, infertility, recurrent infections, endometriosis, menopause, or any other emotional, physical or hormonal problem.

If you would like to know more about the main routines please feel free to consult my ebook or ask your questions on our different groups. I will personally answer your questions.

Should I be afraid of the yoni steam?

Yoni steam (V-steam) is an ancestral practice still very much practiced in the world but which has lost its place in our western world. It is seen as something a bit crazy but rest assured it is practised in complete intimacy ????. It is a natural treatment which allows to associate an energetic treatment with a physical treatment.

Like all alternative medicines, it unfortunately has a bad press in France, but you shouldn’t be afraid of it…

Can I use it during my period?

Yoni steam baths are not recommended during the menstrual period.

Where to buy it?

Our site offers 2 products: the removable sauna kit and soon, the stool. Herbs are also available on this site.

How to choose the plants to be infused?

Not all herbal remedies are suitable for perineal saunas, which is why we have given you a list of those you can use earlier in this article. If there are any that can be used on their own, you will need to mix them in most cases.

You can also buy preparations on our dedicated page.