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Yoni eggs

Improve the feeling

Our Yoni eggs come with natural stones. Choose the stone that fits your state of mind. All our yoni eggs are selected with great care so that they retain all their energy and natural beauty. Our stones come from India, we have a trusted partner who works with the stone with love and kindness, it is a great team with whom we work in complete confidence.

Yoni steam kits

Taking care of your feminity

The vaginal sauna or yoni steam is essential for taking care of your femininity. It is a precious and totally natural way to help cure pelvic pain, painful periods, endometriosis, certain unexplained infertility problems, urinary and vaginal infections and anything else that affects us intimately.

It is a gentle and non-invasive method for the body: the steam from the water cleans the whole vulva, from the vaginal walls to the ovaries, thanks to its ability to reach the internal organs without the need for any intrusive touch. The infused herbs allow the desired treatment to be targeted.

Moving together

What's on offer

Yonifeel is a French brand committed to helping every woman deal with period pain.


Yoni herbs

Clean your body naturally

Our herbs are 100% natural and GMO-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colourings, additives or preservatives.

All our sachets are prepared in France, our suppliers are French and our herbs are all organic or of controlled origin. Our sachets are 70g and allow you to carry out many vaginal sauna sessions.

To help you in the routines and the practice of the vaginal sauna, I wrote a very explicit ebook in which you will find all the steps to cure your various female ailments. It is a must for those who are new to vaginal sauna.

Menopause blend

Fertility blend

Painful periods blend

Cleansing blend


What customers saying about us
“I contacted the team and received very professional answer. Order placed with ease and yoni steam received.”

Emily H.

“I just received my yoni steam and herb bags. I’m looking forward to testing. I can’t wait to try it out as I have endometriosis and a friend told me that this treatment works.”​

Anna B.

“With this type of product, I am very attentive to the origin. Especially for herbs! I will order again.”​

Kate F.

Yoni products

By Yonifeel

Hello, my name is Axelle, I am the founder of Yonifeel, a brand dedicated to women, you can find everything related to the Yoni of women. In Sanskrit, the yoni is the whole of the female genital apparatus, which also includes the female energies.

The yoni has an important place in the life of women and it is essential to know and tame it. Sometimes it is tired or fragile and you need to know how to boost it.

At Yonifeel we bring you gentle and non-invasive methods to help you in your life as a woman. We offer products adapted to all women according to their specific needs. You will also find ebooks to help you in your practices.

Our range will continue to expand to meet all women’s needs. Don’t hesitate to join our community on our instagram or facebook page.

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Welcome to Yonifeel, a website dedicated exclusively to women. Here we celebrate the power and beauty of your yoni, the sacred place that embodies your femininity. At Yonifeel, we’re proud to offer you a unique selection of products specially designed to take care of your intimate well-being.

From yoni eggs to vaginal saunas and perineal rehabilitation probes, we’ve lovingly put together everything you need to pamper your yoni. Whether you want to strengthen your perineum, rediscover your inner balance or reconnect with your feminine essence, our site is here to accompany you on this intimate journey towards a fulfilled and harmonious life.

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