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Hello, my name is Axelle and I would like to make the vaginal sauna accessible to all women who suffer from pain related to their menstrual cycles.

Having painful periods is not a fatality! Every woman should be able to treat herself naturally and take care of herself. It is important to get rid of the idea that it is normal to have pain during your period!

Yonifeel is also for women who have infertility problems, menopausal symptoms, a need to clean their uterus after childbirth, infection, miscarriage or surgery, or to treat haemorrhoids.

The vaginal sauna is a natural, non-invasive treatment…


Yoni steam

taking care of your feminity

The vaginal sauna or yoni steam is essential for taking care of your femininity. It is a precious and totally natural aid to treat pelvic pain, painful periods, endometriosis, certain unexplained infertility problems, urinary and vaginal infections and anything else that affects us intimately.

It is a gentle and non-invasive method for the body: the steam from the water cleans the whole vulva, from the vaginal walls to the ovaries, thanks to its ability to reach the internal organs without the need for any intrusive touch. The infused herbs allow the desired treatment to be targeted.

Yoni herbs

clean your body naturally

Our herbs are 100% natural and GMO-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colourings, additives or preservatives.

Yoni herb for fertility

Yoni herbs for painful periods

Yoni herbs for menopause

Yoni herbs for cleansing


What customers saying about us
“I contacted the team and received very professional answer. Order placed with ease and yoni steam received.”

Emily H.

“I just received my yoni steam and herb bags. I’m looking forward to testing. I can’t wait to try it out as I have endometriosis and a friend told me that this treatment works.”​

Anna B.

“With this type of product, I am very attentive to the origin. Especially for herbs! I will order again.”​

Kate F.

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Yonifeel is a French brand committed to helping every woman deal with period pain.


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