The vaginal sauna or yoni steam is essential for taking care of your femininity. It is a precious and totally natural aid to treat pelvic pain, painful periods, endometriosis, certain unexplained infertility problems, urinary and vaginal infections and anything else that affects us intimately.

It is a gentle and non-invasive method for the body: the steam from the water cleans the whole vulva, from the vaginal walls to the ovaries, thanks to its ability to reach the internal organs without the need for any intrusive touch. The infused herbs allow the desired treatment to be targeted.

Every woman should be able to heal herself naturally and take care of her. We need to get rid of the idea that having pain during our period is normal! Our stool is made in France with materials selected for their solidity and their qualities. Our herbs are 100% natural and GMO-free and contain no artificial sweeteners, colourings, additives or preservatives.

Painful periods

Almost half of all women suffer from pain in the kidneys or lower abdomen during their period. Very often, this is painful menstruation, also known

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Recurring pelvic pain, pain during sexual intercourse (dyspareunia) and/or during menstruation…a large number of abnormal symptoms sometimes appear in women and can signal the emergence

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Yoni steam

Popularised by the famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow, the vaginal sauna or Yoni Steam is a new treatment that is gaining more and more ground

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