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Yoni Eggs: What Are They?

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The use of Yoni eggs dates back to time immemorial. They are ancient instruments, semi-precious stones carved into an egg shape to encourage sexual prowess and vitality. Are you wondering if that is possible? You’ll find out.

Yoni eggs aren’t just ordinary stones; they are made from beautiful and wholesome stones such as Jade, quartz, and obsidian but are mostly called jade.

In the past, the Yoni eggs were used mainly by the Empress, the Emperor’s concubines, and women who were visiting the Emperor. It is named the Emperor’s well-guarded secret. This practice is dominant in the early Chinese tradition, and it helps women to maintain a healthy reproductive system, enhances extraordinary skills as a lover, heightens their spirituality, and results in longevity within their body, mind, and spirit.

Yoni is a Sanskrit word that represents the womb, Vagina, or the female reproductive organ. The Yoni egg, unlike the regular edible egg, goes into the vagina. There’s a belief that it has a lot of beautiful things it does to the female reproductive system and the whole body. This leads to the next question of what yoni eggs do. Read on!

What Does A Yoni Egg Do?

A woman’s vagina is a precious part of her body, with various nerve endings. Such a powerful organ needs careful, nourishing, and restorative treatment. That’s why many women use yoni eggs. They improve libido, aid digestive health, and balance menstrual cycles.

Different Stones of Yoni Eggs

Yoni Eggs are made from various beautiful special stones. Each stone has its peculiarity, benefits, and usefulness.

  • Jade: This is the most popular compared to other stones. It is sometimes mistaken to be the only type of crystal that Yoni Egg has. It nourishes and energizes the vagina. It also serves an excellent purpose by shielding you from negative energies, a protective ornamental stone that promotes self-love and wellness in the body!
  • Rose quartz: Users of this particular crystal often calls it the Love stone. This stone is best for people who find it hard to recover from breakups and heartbreaks. It breaks down every obstacle and wall that makes it difficult to feel, find, give or receive the energy of love. It is a heart-healing crystal.
  • Black Obsidian: People often refer to this as the stone of truth. It reveals hidden things and enhances clarity, especially when making decisions. It is believed that it helps to let go of negative energies and recover your body from trauma.

Different Sizes of Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs come in 3 main sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. A small yoni egg is typically 20 x 30mm, 30 x 40mm for medium, and 40 x 50mm for a large one.

List of the General Benefits of Yoni Eggs

The Yoni Egg is a treasure crest of many benefits to the female reproductive system. They include:

  • Accessing Sexual power: Are you the one who gets weak quickly while having sex? Then a yoni egg is your best shot at overcoming that. It strengthens the pelvic muscles and provides you with more fulfilling sex. It exercises your sexual organ such that sex becomes more pleasurable to you
  • Increases Libido: What is sex without the strong romantic desire that comes with it? Yoni Egg helps awaken your sexual desire and sensuality. Most people still disagree that the egg has a spiritual effect on the body. However, it helps in sensual healing and revives a dead sexual libido.
  • Bladder control and stronger core: We know how disgusting it is when you experience slight urine leakages while engaging in some activities that require strength. Yoni eggs help you develop a strong pelvic floor and urogenital diaphragm.
  • Easy and natural lubrication: It can be super frustrating and disappointing when you find it hard to reach orgasm while having sex. Yoni egg helps stimulate and awaken your vagina’s responsiveness, thereby reviving the neural pathways responsible for arousal, lengthening, and lubrication of the vagina. It makes it easy to reach orgasm and eliminates vagina dryness.
  • Assists in afterbirth recovery:  The vagina feels loose and worn out after childbirth. Yoni egg helps regain your vitality and strength after birth. It restores vagina elasticity and renders healing to damaged muscles and postpartum trauma. It also increases hormonal balance, blood circulation, and libido
  • Control over Vagina: It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles and stimulates sexual energy.
  • Reduces menstrual cramps: Yoni egg balances the menstrual cycle and eases the pain and discomfort of menstruation. However, it is advisable to use it before menstruation to avoid some complications and infections.

Drilled and Undrilled Yoni Egg

Drilled Yoni eggs have small holes drilled in them to attach a string. The hole is usually at the narrow end of the egg; it allows for easy retrieval of the egg. The egg can be used with or without a string attached. The Undrilled, on the other hand, is not easy to retrieve from the vagina.

Jade Nephrite – Characteristics and Benefits

This is a genuine healing crystal, hard and non-porous. Nephrite is commonly known as a lucky stone. It is a gemstone associated with the heart chakra. It helps in healing your relationship and love life. It is mainly found in Russia, British, Canada, Columbia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. In ancient times, people used it as a remedy for kidney ailments. It heals anger, depression, lack of self-love, and unbalanced heart chakra. This particular stone is highly beneficial. It also rids the body of toxins, illness, bacterial, injuries, pain, and fertility problems

Here are some other benefits of using a nephrite Jade:

  • It is a gemstone of healing
  • It makes you feel more joyful and energetic, and it stabilizes emotions.
  • It is a protective shield against all kinds of misfortune
  • Reduces facial muscle tension and anti-aging effects
  • It makes you feel stable and secure, especially during a hard time.

Who Can Be Interested in The Yoni Eggs?

Yoni eggs are for every woman regardless of their age. It is suitable for anyone who wants to energize her vagina. It also enhances yoga practice.

How to Use It Safely

Are you considering how to go about using your yoni egg? Here’s how

You must understand that not every Crystal egg is safe for use. You must ensure that your eggs are certified by the International Gemological Institute. It would be best to buy from a recognized vendor or seek a gemologist for direction.

Plus, you must consider the material, size, and health status before choosing. You should not use any of these eggs without consulting your doctor. In choosing your egg, note that they come in sizes such as small, medium, and large. You should seek professional help to know the perfect size for you. Your egg must be a single crystal of your choice, nontoxic, crack-free, non-porous, and clean.

How to use your egg ?

Clean, rinse and dry your egg with a simple soap Wash your hand and dry it as well. Find a relaxing space, and have a relaxed and well-lubricated Vagina. Relax your mind and meditate. You can play cool music while you do that. Start by massaging your breast through the entire body to your pelvis. When you are ready, slowly insert the larger part of your egg into the Vagina, don’t force it in.

Contra – indications :

While every woman can use yoni egg, some conditions exempt women from using it. They include;

  • Pregnant and Nursing Women: Women are always advised not to use the Yoni egg during pregnancy because it can stir up energies or tissue release that can create contraction and compromise pregnancy.
  • Women within their menstruation cycle: During menstruation, the body hibernates and desires to rest. Hence it is not advisable. Also, the Yoni egg is more prone to the risk of infection during menstruation.
  • Women with intrauterine devices: The egg movement can affect the IUD, shredding the uterine tissue in a way that could bump against or shift the IUD.
  • Women with active vagina infection or other pelvic conditions should not use it too.

Possible Risks

  • Using a semi-porous egg can attract bacteria
  • Leaving the egg for a more extended period can also cause some damage due to the weight of the crystal.
  • The egg might get stuck in the vagina when there is no string; especially when used by inexperienced women
  • You might experience scratching of the walls of your vagina during the removal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a yoni egg ?

A yoni egg is an egg-shaped stone believed to be of Chinese origin. It is traditionally made of different crystals and sizes to encourage sexual prowess and vitality. It is to be worn inside the vagina

For what is it ?

It is a semi-precious stone that strengthens the pelvic floor, accesses sexual power, and maintains excellent sexual health into old age.

How to remove your yoni egg ?

Keep calm, lie down, gently squeeze and relax your muscle and slightly pull the string. Using an undrilled egg, you can squat so that the egg’s weight will move directly towards the opening of the vagina and then increase your abdominal pressure so the egg will come out.  Rinse, clean, dry, and store the egg in a cool place after use

Is it dangerous ?

There are no scientific risks or benefits associated with the egg. However, it can be dangerous when used without safety precautions or a recommendation from a gemologist. Uncertified Yoni eggs can also be dangerous.

How to choose my yoni egg ?

In choosing your yoni egg, you must know that the egg comes in different sizes and various kinds of crystals. You should also know that your egg can either be drilled or undrilled. Hence, you can choose the size based on what your body wants, but most times, it is always advisable to start with larger ones. You should use a crystal at a time, not multiple. You can also choose to get a drilled or undrilled egg based on your preference.