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Know more about yoni eggs exercises

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Is your yoni egg sitting on your drawer gathering dust? Or hidden in the back of your bedroom cupboard. Tell me, is it tucked away in your knickers bag, away from your yoni?

Many women buy a yoni egg. Some even invest in courses and watch YouTube videos on how to use it, but they don’t do it. Perhaps because they are afraid or don’t know what exercises to do. There are special exercises to work several muscles of our yoni to do from strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to increasing the intensity of orgasms.

I will share with you what you need to know about yoni egg exercises and how they work to help you feel sexually empowered.

Yoni Eggs for Kegel Exercises

The vagina is a complex and beautiful network of organs, muscles, glands and ligaments that must be toned to stay healthy, flexible, elastic and strong. Kegel exercises with yoni eggs help prevent bladder weakness, vaginal atrophy, incontinence and prolapse. Think of your yoni egg as a dumbbell weight. 

A simple Kegel exercise you can do with your yoni egg is to contract your pelvic muscles for 6 seconds and relax them for 8 seconds, and repeat these exercises three times a day. If you think this is too much, try contracting for 5 seconds and relaxing your pelvic muscles for 5 seconds too.

In reality, it’s not about getting a “tight vagina”, although that’s what most men are looking for. It’s about creating a healthy, strong, toned and vibrant vagina capable of multiple orgasms.

What is Yoni Egg Yoga?

That’s exactly what it means to practice yoga with your yoni egg inside you. Just as you work your quadriceps and biceps when you do a yoga pose, it’s just as important to flex your pelvic floor muscles. With extra weight in your internal organs, this intensifies your resistance and shows you how strong your pelvic muscles are.

Yoni Egg Yoga Exercises

Yoni yoga is a type of yoga exercise that targets the pelvic floor muscles using an amazing combination of yoga postures and a yoni egg. There are different yoga poses that you can do depending on the benefits you want to achieve. Here are some of these exercises:

Cat-Cow Pose (Chakravakasana)

For this pose, your wrists are placed under your shoulder and your knees under your hips. Keep your lower back stable, breathe deeply and tilt your pelvis back. Exhale to activate your pelvic floor with the yoni egg inside you and exhale to release. Repeat several times until you find a rhythm.

Cat-Cow pose

Boat Pose (Navasana)

Sit on a mat with your feet up and your back straight. Relax your shoulders. Gently lengthen your back without digging into your lower back. Slowly raise your legs, one at a time, until your shins are parallel to the floor. Hold the pose for four deep breaths and repeat three or four times.

Boat pose

Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

Here you lie on your back and bend your knees. Leave your feet hip-width apart. Place your palms along your body and slowly tilt your pelvis upwards until it is in line with your upper body. Your ankles should be directly below your knees. This activates your gluteal muscles and relaxes your abdominal muscles.

Bridge pose


Yoni yoga is suitable for women of all ages, as it promotes your health and well-being. Remember that some of the poses may be difficult at first, but take your time to get used to them and be patient with your body.