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10 tips for getting started with yoni eggs

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Here are 10 tips for starting the practice of the Yoni egg:

1/ Prepare your egg

Wash your hands and then wash your egg with clear water and natural soap. If you have a pierced egg you can use a small brush to clean the inside of the egg. The string can be washed in the same way, and when you want to change it you can replace it with dental floss.  

2/ Inserting the string into the egg

If you have chosen a pierced egg, it is important to position the thread correctly. Fold the thread in 2 and pass the loop in the hole. Then pass the two ends through the loop formed. Pull and knot the thread.

3/ Inserting your egg

Lie down with your legs bent and relax… then slowly insert your egg wide side first.

For the first few times you can lie down with your egg or sit down and when you are ready you can resume normal activity while keeping your egg in the vagina.

4/ Can my egg get lost?

The yoni egg practice is a gentle and serene practice that allows us to reconnect with our yoni.  It should not be a stressful time for you.

Your egg will never be “stuck” in you. Instead, the egg can choose to nestle wherever it wishes in your vagina.

If you have a retroverted uterus I recommend using a pierced egg so that it can be easily removed.

If you don’t have a thread you will need to squat down and exert a slight contraction to extract your egg.

5/ How long should I wear my egg?

There is no ideal length of time, the egg is lodged in a part of your vagina and it sometimes “asks” to come out after a few minutes or a few hours.

For the first time I recommend wearing it for 10 minutes and then increasing it by 3 minutes each day up to 30 minutes a day.

Then when the practice of the yoni egg has no more secrets for you, you can wear it as you wish, every day or from time to time!

But it is important to know that the more the egg is worn, the more the benefits will be felt.

Later, when your practice is more experienced, you can choose a free practice, that is to say that you will choose the moment when you insert it, on the other hand it is your egg which will choose the moment when it decides to leave…

6/ Do I have to make an effort to keep it inside me?

Just like wearing a tampon, your vagina holds the egg naturally.

If your egg comes out every time you stand up, start by doing Kegel exercises while lying down to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

7/ Which stone to choose to start with?

The best known stone for beginners is rose quartz. It is the densest and strongest stone to start with and is the most commonly used. But don’t forget to follow your instinct and if you feel like going for another stone then do it without hesitation.

8/ What size egg should I choose?

There are 3 different egg sizes. The choice of size is related to the tone of your perineum.

Thus it is often recommended to choose a medium or large egg for women who have already given birth.

The small egg is recommended for women with a very toned perineum.

9/ Is it normal not to feel the egg inside me?

Yes, it’s completely normal!  It’s like wearing a tampon, you don’t feel its presence all the time.

The egg weighs between 20 and 70 grams on average.

You also have to learn to feel the sensations transmitted by your yoni and this can take time.

However, some people feel the egg very strongly! There are no rules!

10/ What are the contraindications?

The practice is not recommended for pregnant women.

Do not use the egg in case of urinary or vaginal infection or during menstruation.

It is recommended to use it after childbirth to strengthen the perineum, but only with the agreement of the midwife (not before 30 days).

Be patient and be aware that results may vary from person to person and may take time to appear.