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Yoni egg : Drilled or not drilled ?

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One of the most common questions about yoni egg is that what is the difference between drilled and undrilled yoni eggs. After deciding on the type of stone and size of your yoni egg, another factor comes up. Drilled versus undrilled yoni eggs. Which one suits you best? Find out here!

Drilled Yoni Eggs

Drilled yoni eggs are yoni eggs that have tiny holes drilled into them. This hole allows you to attach a string made from:

  • Fishing line
  • Hemp
  • Cotton
  • Unwaxed dental floss

Drilled yoni eggs are recommended for beginners. Start with using a large egg and work your way down to using the smallest eggs as your pelvic muscles improve.

Why Women love Drilled Yoni Eggs

  • Many women prefer a drilled yoni egg because you can attach a string to it and you have total control of your yoni egg. Think of it as wearing a tampon and when you are ready to remove it, you easily pull the string and there comes your yoni egg. You can also use the string for different exercises.

A lot of women have issues with letting go and simply trusting. The fear and thought of the egg going missing inside the vagina can cause anxiety. First, your yoni egg cannot get “stuck”. Fine, it can stay up there for some time, but it cannot be lodged there forever (so keep calm – no trips to the hospital emergency is necessary). It will always come out. Using a yoni egg with the string attached is a great way to build trust with your vagina.

  • For erotic reflex! Women have multiple reflex points inside their vagina. Using a string to stimulate these points is like performing a slow and gentler version of the “tug of love” exercise.

Drilled yoni eggs require more efforts during cleaning. You have to pay extra attention to the drilled hole while cleaning by using an interdental wire brush

Undrilled Yoni Eggs

An undrilled yoni egg is an egg-shaped semi-precious gemstone, with no hole drilled into it. With the string absent, removal occurs by pushing the yoni egg out with the help of your vagina muscles. You can also squat to get the egg out or bear down and cough to push it out. Just like drilled yoni eggs, it also offers its own benefits. They strengthen the yoni and improves the growth of nerve-endings. You will begin to notice more sensitivity, juiciness, strength and rejuvenation.

Why Women Love Undrilled Yoni Eggs?

  • It is perfect for meditation and exercises.
  • It is great for women who do not want to go through the extra effort of cleaning the hole.
  • It is good for building trust and letting go.

Does Drilling Really Matter?

There are many rumors around that drilling a hole into the egg affects the yoni egg’s natural ability. These are just individual opinions. A drilled yoni egg is equally as powerful as the undrilled counterpart. It doesn’t affect the energy of the crystal. Afterall the egg was first sculpted and designed into an egg-shaped stone without losing its energy.

There are many gemstones that have been carved into jewelry and beautiful ceremonial pieces without losing their metaphysical features. Ultimately, the only difference between drilled and undrilled yoni egg is the cleaning method and individual preferences. There’s no right or wrong choice.

Final Thoughts

You must remember that your yoni egg is not just a toy. You should treat it like an important object that heals and emotionally transforms. If you are uncomfortable with the undrilled yoni egg, you can start with the drilled ones until you have learnt how to expel the egg without pulling the string.